Cesar Chavez, "Fast for Life"

"ALAC is proud to honor the legacy of César E. Chávez through an exhibition that celebrates the life and times of the national icon. The unique collection of artistic photographs featuring the United Farm Workers and the American Civil Right's Movement will inspire all. ¡SI, SE PUEDE!"
Opening Exhibition March 1st at Galeria 147, located at 147 E. Adams Street, downtown Phoenix

Diana Calderon, monoprint, 2013

Titled, Fast For Life, my piece is about Chavez’s faith; sacrifice, fasting and prayer.  “Cesar was willing to sacrifice his own life so that the union would continue and that violence was not used. Cesar fasted many times. In 1968 Cesar went on a water only, 25 day fast. He repeated the fast in 1972 for 24 days, and again in 1988, this time for 36 days. What motivated him to do this? He said, Farm workers everywhere are angry and worried that we cannot win without violence. We have proved it before through persistence, hard work, faith and willingness to sacrifice. We can win and keep our own self-respect and build a great union that will secure the spirit of all people if we do it through a rededication and recommitment to the struggle for justice through nonviolence.” “Cesar Chavez left our world better than he found it, and his legacy inspires us still. He was for his own people a Moses figure," the President declared. "The farm workers who labored in the fields and yearned for respect and self-sufficiency pinned their hopes on this remarkable man who, with faith and discipline, soft spoken humility and amazing inner strength, led a very courageous life." UFW.org